Missionpreneur Forum

Are you a leader of leaders?

C12, the nation’s largest network of Christian CEOs and business owners, is seeking marketplace influencers with a vision to see the gospel transform their city. Are you curious about how it’s possible to combine your business experience with your faith and lead others to do the same?

Join us for this exclusive webinar for those exploring C12 peer advisory group leadership opportunities.

This session is exclusively presented:
1. May 26th at 4 pm CT
2. May 27th at 10 am CT

You’ll hear from: 

C12 CEO Mike Sharrow and Director of Development Terry Witte

The role of a C12 Peer Advisory Group Chair is a full-time entrepreneurial venture with significant eternal impact.

C12 Chairs lead and facilitate monthly peer advisory group meetings and coach CEOs and business owners in one on one sessions to help them build great businesses for a greater purpose.

In this virtual and confidential session, we will answer the questions:

  • What’s the role of a C12 Chair?
  • Who is the ideal candidate for a C12 Chair?
  • Which markets are we expanding into and deepening our presence in?
  • How does the process of becoming a C12 Chair work?
  • What’s the earning potential of a C12 Chair?