Don’t Lead Alone
Your peers can help you build a great business for a greater purpose

Each month, C12 gathers thousands of Christian CEOs and business owners in Peer Advisory Groups across the globe. These leaders help each other make better decisions, avoid costly mistakes, create solid plans for growth, and thrive in their calling to create impact beyond the bottom line.


of Members attributed significant leadership improvement to their C12 experience.


of C12 Member companies outpaced peers in performance during economic downturns.


Member companies experienced increased profitability compared to industry peers.

Inspiration is great. Execution is better. If you’re like us, you want to hear from speakers who don’t just inspire but truly equip you to return to the office and conquer the daily challenges leaders face.

We have a stacked line-up of some of the world’s top Christian business leaders who are excelling in the marketplace, impacting their industries and communities, and most importantly, willing to share their “secret sauce” to success with all of us!

Priorities are what you do. Everything else is just talk.

Our latest e-book, Assessing and Establishing Market Position, will equip you to:

• Discover where your brand stands
• Strategically improve weaknesses and leverage strengths
• Define and refine your dominant selling idea

This resource is stocked with toolsteam discussions and actions, and a bonus video to practically guide your company through a competitive analysis and unique positioning statement exercise.

Your brand is more than a logo, company mantra, or words on a website. It’s the critical foundation for building customer loyalty.

Download this e-book to stand tall and stay strong in an evolving marketplace.


With companies from 10 to 10,000 employees, brands like these have discovered their greater purpose in C12.



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