Think It’s Impossible to Lead a Company for Christ? Let C12 Member Alan Barnhart Show You the Way

Alan-Barnhart-pictureAlan Barnhart, CEO of Barnhart Crane and Rigging Co., has put Christ at the center of the organization’s purpose…” to glorify God by providing an opportunity for His people to use their skills and gifts in His service through constructive work, personal witness and ministry funding.”

Dedicated to the Biblical ideal that earthly treasures have no intrinsic eternal value and committed to the belief that we will be judged by what we’ve stored up in Heaven to advance His Kingdom, Alan and brother Eric (co-owners) went out on a limb for Christ. They began by capping their income to average middle-class wages and expanded to contribute 99% of their ownership interest to an irrevocable charitable trust, giving their multi-million dollar company to charity.

Listen to Alan tell the full story that he shared with C12 at our C12 National Leaders’ Conference last fall in Nashville, TN.

As a leader, much of your life’s investment is through your stewardship of the business God has called you to run for Him. You will be accountable for how you execute your leadership and impart His values and principles to those you serve.

So how do you put Christ at the center of your business? Here’s Alan’s best advice:

  • Mission, Vision & Purpose are fundamental. Be sure the mission, vision, and purpose of your organization reflects your commitment to expanding God’s Kingdom and sharing the gospel.
  • Lead by example. Model values that show your respect and love of God’s word. If our behavior demonstrates a high priority on serving God and being good stewards of all that He has provided, our staff and employees will likely follow suit.
  • Practice marketplace ministry. Engage your staff and employees in opportunities to serve others and share the saving message of Christ. Whether you create a philanthropic arm within your organization or you provide a corporate chaplain, helping your staff and employees make a place for Christ in their lives will significantly change business and lives, forever.

Learn more about how Alan is changing lives around the world.

God owns everything, whether it’s temporarily in the hands of believers or unbelievers. His desires will never be derailed by a lack of funds. So to honor God, money must be exchanged or leveraged into something of eternal worth. As Jesus warned us, do not ‘store for yourselves treasures on earth’ (Mt 6:19-21).

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