Life’s Tough. What Did You Expect?


So much of how we feel about our lives is based on how things are compared to our expectations of how they should be. Expectations are shaped and influenced by the subliminal noise we are constantly subjected to, and most often unaware of. It is no wonder that for many, life is lived with a feeling of vague frustration that often leads to hopelessness or a frantic search for “something more.” False expectations can give way to extreme busyness, addictive acquisition, more frustration, or worse.

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Persevering through Trial


C12 member, Rachel Nguyen, Executive Director of CareNet, RI, shares a testimony of trial by (literal) fire, that ultimately helped her and her team rediscov…

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Burps or Sparks?


C12's Founder and Board Chairman, Buck Jacobs, recounts past C12 examples that demonstrate the cost of ignoring and the value of applying godly peer counsel….

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