The Locker Room: Retreat in Order to Advance


The locker room is a place to take a breather in the middle of an intense game, a safe environment that’s shielded from the threats of your competition, a place to re-focus and re-energize so you can return to the field and give your very best.

As a business leader or CEO, your company needs a “locker room” as well. Do you have a place you can either get away by yourself to re-energize, or to gather with your employees and re-strategize.

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Have You Stopped to Check Your Tread?


Running your business is a lot like embarking on a long road trip. You plan, prepare, and commit a season of your life to persevering on, no matter what the journey brings.

However, just because you’re moving forward doesn’t mean you’re making the most of your miles. Over time, poor alignment can have a subtle but serious effect on your leadership, your team’s performance, and worst of all, your Kingdom impact.

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