Have You Stopped to Check Your Tread?


Running your business is a lot like embarking on a long road trip. You plan, prepare, and commit a season of your life to persevering on, no matter what the journey brings.

However, just because you’re moving forward doesn’t mean you’re making the most of your miles. Over time, poor alignment can have a subtle but serious effect on your leadership, your team’s performance, and worst of all, your Kingdom impact.

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Are YOU the Bottleneck?


As personally gratifying as it may seem to be the reputable “go-to” for solutions and key decisions, our “expert” status can demotivate the most talented subordinates. A leader who is too responsive and readily available becomes the easy default for matters employees can and should own themselves. Unchecked, this upward delegation creates an unhealthy dependency that robs employees of initiative, confidence, and accountability.

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Are You Pulling All the Weight in Your Business?


Your team is capable of achieving powerful results when given the tools to function as a unit. This follows God’s design for men. He didn’t intend for any individual to carry the load alone, but for many to unite with shared vision and purpose.

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What’s Your Leadership ‘IQ’?


As a business leader, your ability to influence others can make or break your impact. Take a short assessment to discover where you need improvement.

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C12’s Career FAQ


Interested in learning more about the C12 Chair opportunity? We answer our most frequently asked questions, here.

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