Tim Holmes

Tim Holmes, Chair

Phone: 480-489-9114
Email: tim.holmes@c12group.com


Tim Holmes brings substantial business and ministry experience to his role as C12 Group Chair.  His business career was in finance.  Tim was Managing Member of Genesis Research & Asset Management, LLC – an investment management firm specializing in managed futures – and Director of Portfolio and Risk Management for Genesis Multi Manager Futures Fund, LLC.  In 2012, the fund won a World Finance award as the “Best Managed Futures CTA Fund of Hedge Funds North America.”  He also was Chief Investment Officer for an investment division of a regional bank.  He began his finance career as a technical analyst and options trader, after receiving a Master of Mathematics from the University of Pittsburgh.  Tim went on to become Managing Member of Futrex, LLC, a proprietary futures and options trading firm with operations at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Chicago Board Options Exchange, and LIFFE in London.  Tim traded currencies, NASDAQ, and S&P 500 Index options, and oversaw trading strategy and operations development, information technology, and risk management.

Tim earned his Master of Divinity at the University of Chicago Divinity School where, during three years of full-time study, Tim focused on Scripture and Ethics.  His desire to discover Jesus Christ through extensive examination of Scripture formed an even deeper love of Christ in his life.  In his study of Ethics, Tim examined how people arrive at decisions that determine how to treat others and direct their lives through challenges and moral conflicts—especially as followers of Christ.  Tim received pastoral care training as a Chaplain at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in city center Chicago.  Tim also ministered as Pastor of Worship and Care for the Vespers Community at Christ Church of Oak Brook—a large, non-denominational church in suburban Chicago.  In addition to preaching and presiding at the Sunday evening Vespers service, Tim taught classes for Men’s Breakfast Fellowship and a Sunday morning hospitality ministry, conducted a study for the media ministry, participated in a leadership small group, and led the church’s team of pastors and leaders on a Civil Rights lecture tour sponsored by Willow Creek Association and Salem Baptist Church of Chicago.

In all his business and ministry roles, Tim felt the call of Christ on his life.  Thus, he eagerly embraced the opportunity to serve with C12 Group.  Businesses can truly impact the lives of people in their sphere of influence.  Businesses have long-term personal relationships that are essential to witnessing to the beautiful life offered in Christ.  Businesses can have a deep spiritual impact into people’s lives, especially for those without a church background or home.  Strong, successful, stable businesses led by balanced, thoughtful CEOs and owners can effectively reach their community for Christ.  C12 Group helps develop exceptional businesses that serve a greater purpose.  Tim enthusiastically seeks to create networks of business leaders to forward the C12 Group mission in Arizona’s East Valley.