Peer Advisory Groups

C12 offers two levels of peer advisory group membership to for-profit and non-profit companies meeting the minimum qualifications.

CEO Peer Advisory Groups
Open to Christian CEOs, Presidents, owners, Executive Directors, and Partners, the Peer Advisory Group is an invitation-only, confidential monthly meeting in which those around the table share best practices to improve their companies while helping each other find ways to incorporate their faith into the business. Solicitation within the group is strictly prohibited as this is not simply a networking or lead sharing group. The CEO Peer Advisory Group focuses on achieving serious results by leveraging hundreds of years in experience around the table with the guidance of world-class materials and resources.

Although C12 serves companies of all sizes and industries, the minimum requirement for a company to be considered for C12 Membership is 10 or more employees and at least $2 million in annual revenue.

Click here to find a group near you and request an initial consultation with the local Chair.

Key Player Peer Advisory Groups
Complementary to the CEO Peer Advisory Group and a benefit of membership, C12 Member companies have the opportunity to enroll key executives and leaders in their organization in a similar Peer Advisory Group experience focused on the implementation and execution of the concepts the CEO or owner gains from their Peer Advisory Group experience.

The Key Player Member can leverage the expertise of other experienced leaders around the table. Acting as a force multiplier for the company, many C12 companies realize a significant increase in the speed of their growth and a remarkable return on investment with the focused collaboration offered through C12 Membership.