Customers are 4x more likely to buy after receiving a referral. Do you know how to differentiate yourself from the competition? Download this free e-book and learn how to create customers that create customers.


How to Convert Customer Loyalty to Growth

Did you know the most cost-effective way to drive new business is to leverage the customers you already have?

People talk. Global surveys prove that recommendations from people we know is the TOP form of advertising. As we differentiate ourselves in a loud marketplace of companies that overpromise and underperform, customers become enthusiastic referral-generators and form the foundation on which to grow our businesses.

Let’s get them talking about doing business with us!

In this e-book, C12 unpacks how to:
  • Generate highly-satisfied customers
  • Track a key metric
  • Apply Biblical wisdom
  • Implement practical solutions

… all to cultivate a strong referral network!