Cyber Defense Company Acting as God’s Hands and Feet

Boerne resident, Jeff Jaime started Taurean nearly seven years ago incorporating his two decades of experience as an Air Force communications expert with his passion for giving back. Founded in 2008, Taurean provides agile cyber defense services to both the federal government and commercial entities. The business helps protect the country through cyber security services, systems and network engineering, software development, and certification & accreditation.

“Our purpose is to find work, create jobs, and change lives all for the Glory of God. If we can find work using what we know, we have the chance to create jobs and change lives inside and outside of our company,” explained Jaime.

Though when you asked Jaime to describe exactly how and what Taurean does, he is more interested in sharing the story about the people behind the company.

“Yes, cyber security is very prominent in the marketplace today, but what makes Taurean different is our purpose. We work deliberately and intentionally every day to build a culture around our core purpose,” shared Jaime.

Taurean imageThis core purpose revolves around five key attributes (or values) of Taurean’s strong, vibrant culture; family first, dream big, have fun, achieve forward, and give back—to the team and to the community.

Each month Taurean’s Culture Club—a group of employees tasked to create a monthly activity calendar that assigns the five days throughout the month the company employees will live out one of the five core values. Today, was one of those special days. Taurean bought and will deliver gifts to 194 kids of incarcerated parents through the Prison Fellowship’s Angel Tree program. Jaime feels blessed to be able to fulfill Christmas wishes for children whose parents may not have the means to do so and to act as Christ’s hands and feet through giving back.

Helping Employees Find Personal Fulfillment

Jaime explained that the ideas and inspiration behind his company’s culture originated from the NY Times best-selling book, the Dream Manager by Matthew Kelly. The book emphasizes that a key and critical role of leadership is the ability to recognize the dreams of those that we lead and inspire them to achieve their visions.

“A company can’t become a better version of itself if the employees aren’t striving to become better versions of themselves,” Jaime said, referencing the book that fueled his inspiration. “How you become a better version of you is when you reach your personal hopes and dreams for yourself and for your family. When you start achieving those, you become a better version of you. Our company recognizes that the success of our employees runs parallel with the success of the company.”

Taurean staffA Model that Works

In addition to the Dream Manager, Jaime also credits his involvement with the C12 Group—America’s leading peer advisory roundtable for Christian CEOs and Business Owners.   Each month, Jaime sets aside one full day to meet with his fellow C12 members, local Christian business owners, who are committed to pursuing excellence in both business and ministry. He spends the day away from the office working on the business, focusing on critical issues, sharing ideas and lessons learned with other business leaders.

Jaime observed that, “The C12 model gives us the model to be the best steward we can be with the resources God has given us. I enjoy milestone checks every month with my group and the one-on-one sessions with my Chair, Mike Sharrow. C12 holds me accountable to make sure I am doing the best I can with what God has trusted me with.”

Jaime shared that C12 gives him guidance material and resources that help take the guesswork out of running a business. Exactly why he decided to have five other Taurean employees participate in the C12 Key Players Group. “We all converge together and try to see what we need to do to implement C12’s teachings and best practices,” explained Jaime.

Throughout his career, Jaime strived to be one of those dream managers, but in his search for practical ways to make it happen he realized that as a leader he needs to set the tone and lead by example.   Examples of Jaime’s commitment to his employees and commitment to advancing the Kingdom shine bright. Taurean actually has a Dream Manager on staff—someone who helps employees reach their goals, visions and dreams. In addition, each year, the company creates a Culture Book—similar to a year book, it captures all the “giving back” activities performed over the year with pictures, statements, and quotes.

An Investment in the World at Large

In the spirit of demonstrating God’s love and giving back, Jaime was thrilled to share how Taurean is not only impacting the communities in Central and South Texas, but in Burkina Faso, Africa. Taurean is working with Living Water International, an organization that helps communities acquire desperately needed clean drinking water.

“This summer, we worked with Living Water International to help drill a well in an African village. This well gets visited every day by 600 villagers. Before the well was drilled, they had to walk miles each way and line up to drink tainted water. It’s amazing how our small company can make such a big difference,” shared Jaime.

Taurean Africa wellThrough his C12 experience, Jaime is seeing first-hand what other business leaders are doing to lead with Christ-centric principles and what it truly means to be a servant leader. Jaime observed that as a leader, you continually need to be learning, growing and looking for opportunities to bless others. Along with his C12 Group participation, he relies on the Bible to guide him in his role. “The Bible gives me direction in my life. There are several hundred leadership lessons directly from the Bible. I am very open and passionate about my faith and I advise my team that they don’t have to live two lives, you don’t have to hit pause when you drive to work and hit resume when you get home. You can live out your faith and share your faith with others,” explained Jaime.

With his eye toward ministry, continual learning and sustaining a vibrant workplace culture, it’s no coincidence that Taurean has once again earned a spot in the Inc. 5000– honoring the fastest-growing, privately owned companies in America.

Finishing Well

To Jaime, the term business growth and success means much more than revenue, profit, or number of clients. It also means personal and spiritual growth and mostly—giving back. “At Taurean, our mission is to help the viability and prosperity of small business in the United States—because small businesses make up the backbone of our country by creating jobs. In essence we are protecting and mitigating threats to all the intellectual property of these small businesses. We believe that is our mission; to protect prosperity and to help identify, pursue, and defeat cyber threats,” explained Jaime.

Jaime is definitely living out the reality of the Dream Manager. When you ask him what are his dreams, it is to finish well. He references Matthew 25:23, “At the end of our time, we are all going to be held to some account of good works. When Jesus comes back I want him to say, well done, good and faithful servant, well done!”