It can be lonely at the top

but it doesn’t have to be.

Join other Christian CEOs and business owners in Middle Tennessee who help each other improve their businesses and leadership through guided counsel and insights. Peer advisory groups offer an uncommon opportunity to learn from others who get it and have been there. C12 members meet monthly throughout the Nashville and the surrounding counties to build great businesses for a greater purpose.

Peer Advisory Group Leadership in Nashville


of Members attributed significant leadership improvement to their C12 experience.


of C12 Member companies outpaced peers in performance during economic downturns.


Member companies experienced increased profitability compared to industry peers.


  • Demos Restaurant

    Demos Restaurant

    CEO: Peter Demos

    MEMBER SINCE: 2017

    Demos Brands operates as a mission field to its employees and customers. The restaurants operate with a ‘values come first’ orientation, creating unique training techniques and positions supporting values as a business priority. These management decisions may oppose traditional business methods but have proven to make a difference in the lives of the employees and create a healthy working environment that makes for better service overall. “Our Purpose is to glorify God by serving and caring for our customers and our employees, and to grow profitably. Our Vision is to be an ambassador for the Gospel to the Continental United States within ten years, utilizing TV, books, press releases and social media.”

    Demos' Restaurant


    CEO: Peter Demos

    MEMBER SINCE: 2014

      President and CEO of Demos’ Brands and D’s Seas, Peter Demos has food service coursing through his veins, having grown up in his parents’ restaurants. After becoming a lawyer, he turned back to his heart’s calling, the hospitality industry. Today, Peter is a successful restauranteur, winning Restauranteur of the Year, among many other Best Restaurant awards, with four Demos’ Restaurant locations, two PDK Southern Kitchen and Pantry restaurants, and Peter D’s catering, offering a lineup of authentic dishes the family spent many years developing. Peter is also a speaker, inspiring business owners and people of all walks of life to lead with courage and purpose. His first book, Afraid to Trust, was released by Gazelle Press April 30, 2019, and can be ordered at www.Afraidtotrust.com. C12 has had the greatest impact on Peter through the direct, honest feedback he gets from his peers sitting on the board. The encouragement and constructive advice Peter receives has been a huge help and has given him a tremendous number of ideas on how to share the Gospel through his work.  

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