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  • Clipper Capital Partners, LLC

    Clipper Capital Partners, LLC

    CEO: Austin Thompson

    MEMBER SINCE: 2017

    Clipper Capital Partners is an experienced partnership with the singular mission to acquire and operate ONE successful company. Backed by seasoned investors and founded on values of integrity and hard work, Clipper Capital Partners is the ideal solution for business owners seeking a successful exit from their business. We recognize that during any transition, experienced and adaptive management, together with creative new strategies, are paramount for continued growth in today's economic environment. The leadership team at Clipper Capital Partners will allow business owners to achieve a smooth exit with peace of mind that exceptional management is at the helm.



    CEO: Austin Thompson

    MEMBER SINCE: 2017

    Austin is one of the Managing Partners of Clipper Capital Partners (CCP). Prior to CCP, Austin spent 12 Years in the Oil & Gas and Construction Industries managing operations, finance, and project management groups where he gained a passion for building teams and culture. Austin graduated with an engineering degree from Texas A&M. Clipper Capital Partners started as a conversation between friends about venturing beyond corporate America. Since then, CCP has developed into an entrepreneurial firm focused on facilitating a successful exit of an owner through the acquisition of a single successful company. We see CCP’s background in leading organizations and building tomorrow’s leaders as an opportunity to partner with an owner seeking to spend less time in the business and more time experiencing the rewards of their hard work. "I’m thankful I got an opportunity to join a C12 board. I’m in a great group of successful Nashville area business leaders that are stewarding God’s companies. Each time we meet we challenge and learn from each other professionally, personally and spiritually. Being around and learning from these Christian business leaders has been a difference maker for my company and my family." - Austin Thompson