We are currently seeking the ideal candidates for the following roles:

1. Ecommerce and Supply Chain Manager (procure, add, and oversee the addition of products on a Shopify storefront, analyze inventory and fulfillment reporting, coordinate distribution projects for stores/markets, and manage inventory liability. Must also be knowledgeable in vendor/supplier management, warehouse pick-and pack processes including kitting, and project management.)

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To apply, email info@c12group.com

2. Marketing Recruitment Coordinator (creatively administer ongoing demand and lead generation initiatives, mine social media for qualified prospects, and engage candidates at the top end of the recruitment funnel. Proficient in online database searches, email marketing, social media outreach, marketing campaign oversight, and project and calendar management. )

Download ideal candidate profile.

To apply, email info@c12group.com

3. C12 Chair (full-time entrepreneurial venture in leading CEO and Key Player peer advisory groups, facilitate monthly meetings, one on one coaching, and marketplace leadership) Learn more about the C12 Chair opportunity or join us for an exclusive webinar for those exploring C12 peer advisory group leadership opportunities.

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Missionpreneur Forum

In this virtual and confidential session, we will answer the questions:

  • What’s the role of a C12 Chair?
  • Who is the ideal candidate for a C12 Chair?
  • Which markets are we expanding into and deepening our presence in?
  • How does the process of becoming a C12 Chair work?
  • What’s the earning potential of a C12 Chair?

Hiring in the Near Future:

4. Training Specialist

5. Technology & Project Manager

(Ideal Candidate Profiles to come)

The C12 Group Home Office Overview: Founded in 1992, The C12 Group operates CEO and executive Peer Advisory Groups around the globe for Christian business leaders. Our home office team supports the mission of C12 by providing systems, tools, curriculum, member experiences, marketing, training, accountability and execution support for our global network of C12 Chairs and the Members we serve.  C12 includes over 100 full-time Chairs operating hundreds of groups representing over 2,500 dues paying Members.  The Members participate in monthly meetings with peers for leadership development, accountability, wise counsel, best practices and equipping around business as ministry in the pursuit of “building great businesses for a greater purpose.” Our home office team create the curriculum, tools, web resources and the unique member experience to deliver measurable results for leaders.  We’re a growing business, a mission-focused, faith-fueled organization with a culture and team committed to growth and excellence.  If you’re interested in being part of this team, reach out and see if there’s a fit!