Working His Way

March 19, 2018

C12 Group | Workplace Missions

Which has a greater impact? Our companies on the culture, or the culture on our companies? As Christian business owners and CEOs, we have a great responsibility to lead our companies in such a way that points people to Jesus. While it’s easier to abdicate responsibility to the church, consider the following: God’s first-century mission cohort was comprised of working people — tradesmen, tax collectors, fishermen, and merchants. They were marketplace people, just like us.
Check how one business owner decided to be a light to his employees.

This is just one example. Business owners and CEOs across the country are intentionally changing the culture around them by:

  • Pursuing what is excellent, even if not expedient or even if lesser standards are acceptable.
  • Serving others, even harsh “masters,” with sincerity and respect.
  • Going above and beyond in kindness to others, “turning the other cheek” when necessary.
  • Responding in kindness to our “enemies,” ie., business competitors.
  • Demonstrating grace when undeserved, such as giving an erring employee another chance.
  • Seeking the salvation of competitors and customers over the desire for profit from them.
  • Keeping commitments and promises even when it is costly to do so.
  • Honoring and serving all people, especially those of lower place or position.
  • Refraining from demanding the privileges afforded by our position.
  • Refusing to take unfair advantage to benefit ourselves even when circumstances permit it.
  • Using resources to build up people, instead of using people to build fortunes.

When we do these things, countercultural as they may be, we are allowing the light of Jesus to shine in dark places. By taking these actions, we are creating workplaces of fuller flourishing and infusing our spheres of influence with life. What steps can be taken to ensure companies point the culture to Jesus?

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