Tips and Tools to Read More Books More Quickly

March 19, 2018

C12 Group | Productivity

When we stop learning new ideas, strategies, and principles, we are limited in both the vision we set for our team, and our ability to move our team to that vision. One of the ways we continue to learn is by continuing to read, thus the phrase, “Leaders are Readers.” Few would argue with the benefit of reading, but many argue there are too many roadblocks to consistently read. You are busy running a business, tending to families, and serving in the church. How is there even time for reading? Here are a few tips and tools to help you read more books.

3 Tips to Get Through More Books

Only read good books

Your schedule is already crazy. If you are going to make time for a book, make sure it’s a good one. Don’t waste your time on books and resources that aren’t engaging. The point of reading is to learn so you can be a better leader for your team. If the source of information isn’t engaging enough to keep your attention, chances are the ideas won’t be implemented in a way that engages your team.

Read Faster

Easier said than done, but like most things, practice improves performance. The more you read, the faster you get. You can also get creative with how you consume information, such as using audio books or reading book summaries. Keep reading to learn about some tools that will help your creativity and speed.

Ditch the Distractions

Analyze your schedule and reduce or limit any time-wasters. Whether it’s an occasional Netflix binge or an extra round of golf, make the commitment to invest in yourself as a leader. Ditch the distractions and consume more books.

4 Tools to Get Through More Books


Listening to books allows you to consume information while completing every day activities, such as driving, eating, exercising, and running errands. Audible is a leading audio book platform that provides thousands of titles for a monthly subscription price, allowing you to listen from your computer or your mobile device through the free Audible app. Get more information and sign up for your free trial here.


Not every book needs to be read in its entirety to walk away with worth while ideas. GetAbstract does the work of summarizing books so within a matter of 15 minutes, you can walk away with the book rating, top take-aways, a full summary, significant quotes, and an author biography. Similar to Audible, GetAbstract can be leveraged on multiple devices through their free app. An added bonus is the ability to purchase subscriptions at a team or company wide level, giving you the opportunity to invest in each employee in your business. You can get started here.

Amazon Kindle Unlimited

Kindle Unlimited offers one of the largest libraries to choose from with many listening and reading options. Kindle also allows you to listen and read across multiple devices, leveraging the Kindle app. One of the differentiating features of Kindle Unlimited is the ability to switch from audio to text at any time across all devices. This allows you to begin reading at home, and continue the book in the car. Check out their pricing and additional information here.


Not only is OverDrive completely free to use, it provides access to a massive digital library as it connects you to your actual library. Overdrive connects with your local library, just like you would a physical library where you can borrow and enjoy free ebooks, audiobooks, and more. All you need to get started is a library card.

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