The ROI of a Company Chaplain

March 08, 2018

C12 Group | Money, Spiritual Growth

As good as your invention, process, design, logo, distribution channel, capital equipment, fleet of vehicles and other generally accepted accounting assets are, not one of them is as valuable as your employees. Unfortunately, employees’ problems don’t go away when they walk into work. Issues stemming from marital problems, stress, and depression impact your employee’s ability to perform on the job. Consider this:

  • $6 billion is lost by American businesses due to decreased productivity stemming from marriage and relationship difficulties.
  • Divorce can disrupt the productivity of an individual worker for as long as three years.
  • Stress-related issues cost Corporate America $300 billion annually.

The reality is, the stresses that exist outside of work, directly and negatively impact the employee at work. While many potential solutions exist, one solution growing in popularity due to the high return on investment, is adding a Chaplain to the workplace. However, the idea of a Chaplain at work makes many people nervous. Here are four common misconceptions about chaplains in the work place.

We are a multi-cultural, diverse workforce

That’s good! the common denominator is they are all people, and everyone has crises in their lives related to family, parenting, finances, stress, job-related problems, care of aging parents, cancer, death, and grief. These are not atheist, Muslim, Hindu, or Christian problems. These are people problems. Chaplains are responsible for providing care; not to force a religion on to others who may disagree.

We Take Care of Our Own People

Yes, you should; but you are the boss or a co-worker, and geographically, time, and educationally constrained. You cannot provide the level of care a Chaplain Care Team will. It is not an either/or proposition, but a both/and. Chaplains extend, enhance, and broaden the level of care of company leaders to their employees and families 24/7, nationwide.

We already have an EAP

Great, most companies do. However the national average usage rate is about 5%, and usage occurs around a crisis. A personalized and proactive Care Team helps employees find help, hope, and resources to prevent many problems from turning into crises. Chaplains have prevented suicides, lawsuits, employees walking off the job, workplace violence and a host of other crisis type events. In addition, an EAP will not provide any Biblical or spiritual help, share the Gospel, lead people to Christ or connect people to a local church.

It’s an Unnecessary Cost

Consider the amount of time, energy, and money it takes to cover for a sick employee, hire someone new, or improve overall team morale due to the stresses employees bring into the workplace.  Bringing in a Chaplain Care Team is an upfront investment in your people, and investments in people will never come back void.

To learn more about how a Chaplain Care Team can help improve your business, download our free eBook. In this eBook, you will learn the benefits of a Chaplain, what a Chaplain does and does not do, how to hire a Chaplain, and other best practices on how to use a Chaplain in the workplace.