Strategic Guide to Business Planning

January 12, 2019

It would be prudent to plan for and develop specific contingency plans for an economic downturn. Did you know an economic dip is predicted for 2019 and 2020? Download this free guide to help you develop plans to weatherproof your organization.

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Strategic Guide iPad Cover

Strategic Guide for Business Planning

The latest ITR Economics Trends Report indicates a dip in 2019 and 2020 stating we’ll be entering a time where “individual business decisions will make or break your bottom line over the next two years.”

Do you have strategic measures in place for times of recession?
Weatherproofing your business is a crucial tactic for enduring and prospering in times of economic downturn. This guide will provide you with:

Thought provoking measures to consider
Case study of a C12 Member
A team SWOT analysis planning tool
… to help you build a great business that will not just survive but thrive in any economic conditions.