Recession Proof Your Business

May 25, 2016

C12 Group |

2016-05-24.jpgNo CEO or business owner likes to think about a recession, but in the current economic climate, it is vital to be prepared for the worst. However, you don’t have to look at this as doomsday planning; consider it proactive stewardship: a forward-thinking approach to ensure you have the tools in place to thrive through even the most challenging financial conditions. Before expanding your toolbox, you must look at what’s currently inside — everything from capital to strategic plans. This interactive self-evaluation document will help you analyze where you stand while applying Biblical principles to your most important business needs. 


Download it now to:

  • See how your company measures up in the industry
  • Identify gaps that could hurt your financial future
  • Examine benchmarks and performance metrics
  • Determine your overall agility to weather tough times:


Businesses that have survived the recessions of our generation didn’t do so by chance. They had a firm grasp on their competition and plans in place to weather a broad range of economic scenarios. You too can plan for long-standing success, even in the face of a possible recession. With best business practices and a Biblical foundation, C12 helps business owners and CEOs remain agile and leverage their strengths to create a strong plan for future success.