Equity and Eternity

March 19, 2018

C12 Group | Business Finance

While business is not a person, it has a personality. The culture and personality of the businesses God allows us to manage is meant to reflect the heart and nature of Jesus, and that means generosity should be evident within our businesses as we promote the causes of Christ. Many secular businesses will give to charities and civic organizations for tax purposes, community goodwill, or agenda advancing. What will our motivations and charitable allocation strategies reveal to the world around us?




A Donor Advised Fund (DAF) is one of many ways to give. Business owners and and CEOs across the country are generously giving in a variety of ways. Here are just a few:

  • Designate a fixed percentage of gross or net revenues for ministry causes (often 1-2% of gross or 10-50% of net)
  • Split profits between incentive compensation and ministry programs
  • Tihe throughout the year on profits
  • Fund times for staff to serve in local mission projects
  • Sponsor children abroad through Christ-centered aid initiatives
  • ADopt local ministries to invest in regularly with resources and service
  • Create a benevolence fund to help employees, families, and even vendors in times of need
  • Sponsor missionaries and sending teams from the company to serve
  • Offer their facilities or services for pro bono use by local mission organizations
  • No-interest loans made available to help employees or peer businesses out of crisis
  • Sponsor Christian resource materials for all employees, customers, and vendors
  • Utilize down times in the business to deploy teams to help those in need in the community
  • Create systems whereby employees can participate in giving and even directing where funds are given within a framework consistent with company missionary and values

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