Can I Lead a Bible Study at My Company?

photodune-14947010-meeting-of-bible-study-group-m_copy_2_1-933558-edited.jpegWe know we can’t sit in our offices and read the Bible all day. We’re called to work diligently as stewards and servants, “as if working for the Lord” (Col 3:23). Daily, we have a unique and powerful opportunity to attest the truth and value of God’s written Word. How we honor God’s Word in and through our work is not as important as actually doing it.

When we live God’s truth by applying it in our daily activity, others surely notice. Our own understanding and application of the teachings in the Bible can have a profound effect on our employees and sphere of influence.

However, for Christian leaders feeling the Lord tugging on our hearts to engage our team with scripture, we have heard many testimonies from C12 members of changed lives and renewal through their company Bible studies.

So, can you really lead a Bible study at work? Absolutely! Although, make sure to answer these four questions before you start planning.


Why? Ask God if He has any other ways you might honor His Word, or if the ways you currently use can be improved. Remember, what we give our time to is one of the clearest ways to define what we hold to be important. If teaching a part of your ministry elsewhere, such as your church or home fellowship group, think about how people respond to you and whether or not you have had a sustained positive response.

Who? You will have to find ways to encourage participation without requirement. It’s important to make it clear that only those who want to come, and who come freely, should participate. It’s easy to reserve the invitation for executives or management only, but find ways to include everyone at the company if logistically possible, and watch God move in and around your company.

When? If God is calling you, He will direct the timing. Don’t set a study guide, agenda, or send invitations until you receive confirmation from Him. Let God provide guidance on when to share and engage your team with Scripture. He’ll work out the details and the reception if you give Him the opportunity to lay the plans.

How? Ask your closest advisors, or those who know you intimately, to be honest with you about your implementation and goals for a workplace study. A local C12 Group of seasoned CEOs and Business Owner peers can provide Godly insight, guidance, and accountability. They can also share their own experiences with ministry in the workplace to help you set guide rails for your own journey.

Looking for even more ways to share the Gospel in tangible ways? C12 Group has created a list of 101 Way to Incorporate Ministry into Your Business. Click here to review these suggestions from C12 Members who are already successfully implementing marketplace ministry.  


  • Kevin Miller Bio

    With over a decade of experience in marketing leadership, brand management, and business development, Kevin has helped numerous companies refine and implement plans to create exponential growth.

    Prior to joining C12, Kevin led a successful Florida-based brand strategy consulting business focused on growing small and medium-sized businesses. Entrepreneurial in spirit, Kevin also has a diverse background in launching start-ups as well as helping struggling or stagnant businesses develop a new course of action. His experience incorporates knowledge from multiple industries including textile manufacturing and design, medicine, real estate, technology, web development, and the creative arts.

    After attending the University of Central Florida where he studied Music Performance, Kevin became involved in worship arts and youth ministries, serving for several years in various leadership roles. He and his wife Beth, an elementary school administrator, have been married since 2000. Together with two sons Kyle and Kamden, they enjoy a wide variety of outdoor activities including hiking, hunting, fishing, and backpacking.

  • Troy Blackmon Bio

    Troy came to The C12 Group in 2008, with a diverse background in executive leadership, sales development, team building, and operations. Through his role as VP of Field Operations, he is committed to serve, equip and encourage CEOs and business owners to lead thriving companies that honor the Lord and serve people.

    During his tenure at Chick-fil-A, Inc. Troy learned that business excellence and glorifying God in the marketplace go hand in hand. Troy managed a P&L of $35+ million in revenue and coached business owners in operational excellence and improving financial results.

    In addition, Troy has been involved in leading small group ministry, including planting a church in Seattle, WA. Troy was formerly Partner at OneAccord, a management-consulting firm focused on accelerating revenue for mid-market companies. While at OneAccord, Troy was privileged to work with numerous technology companies in senior leadership positions, managing sales, marketing, and business development activities. Troy most recently served as the President of a technology private equity group, where he led the management teams of 4 portfolio businesses.

    Troy is married to his high school sweetheart, Shanna, and has been blessed with 4 children. He enjoys golf, cycling, and mountain biking with his family.

  • Mike Sharrow Bio

    Mike joined C12 as a member in 2010 while serving as an executive pastor for a large church in Texas and owner of a healthcare strategy consulting group.  Prior to that, he had served in a variety of leadership roles in both operations and sales corporately for the Walgreen Company, financial services as well as strategic development work with Health by Design.  In 2011 he exited his commitments to join the local C12 practice in San Antonio as an associate chair serving CEOs across that market.  In 2013 he and a partner acquired the greater Central Texas region and stewarded it as it grew to a team of 8 full-time chairmen serving nearly 150 leaders.  Mike is passionate about collaboration, strategic planning, Gospel initiatives and BHAG endeavors.

    With a background spanning Fortune 50 corporate settings, startups, non-profit and local church, Mike has been discipled into an integrated life perspective around the calling all believers share to be disciple-making disciples and ambassadors of Christ across all vocations and contexts.  It was in 2005 when God revealed to Mike the perils of a “sacred versus secular” duality in life and since then he’s been on the adventure of living one life in Christ, with work as worship, business as ministry and life as mission.

    Mike grew up in Alaska, graduated from Trinity International University and the Loyola Graduate School of Business.  He married his bijou of an Iowa farmers daughter, Jacqui, in 2002 and they have 2 girls, Elayna and Sophia.