Have You Stopped to Check Your Tread?

July 07, 2016

C12 Group |

Running your business is a lot like embarking on a long road trip. You plan, prepare, and commit a season of your life to persevering on, no matter what the journey brings.

However, just because you’re moving forward doesn’t mean you’re making the most of your miles. Over time, poor alignment can have a subtle but serious effect on your leadership, your team’s performance, and worst of all, your Kingdom impact.

This month, C12 Peer Advisory Boards across the US will be working through the following principles regarding alignment


Being Willing to Stop & Check
Business owners and CEOs often hesitate to pause, check on how they’re doing, and make adjustments where needed. This desire to keep moving full steam ahead is natural, yet dangerous. It’s time to let go of the fear of stopping and check the tread on your tires.

Inviting God Into Our Leadership
God is interested in everything we do, but are we interested in His involvement? Aligning your leadership to God’s will requires a genuine desire to know Him more intimately. Do you trust that His plan is greater than yours? There are many ways to explore this, including:

  • Daily communication with God through prayer
  • A sense of openness and flexibility
  • Time spent reading and reflecting on the Word
  • Counsel from Christian mentors

Encouraging Unity Among Our Teams
Psalm 133:1 says it is “…good and pleasant when God’s people live together in unity.” Do you experience a strong sense of alignment within your team? Unity and alignment don’t naturally occur — they are cultivated through intentional leadership.

A Roadmap For Success
So what does your roadmap look like? Without a solid vision based on God’s will, it is difficult to devise a long- and short-term plan for success. Focusing on alignment and unity with Christ at the center requires great intention, but the rewards always outweigh the risks.