Align Your Company Culture with a Mission and Vision Statement

March 19, 2018

C12 Group | Human Resources

iStock-519925378.jpgAs a Christian leader of your company, are you a watch or a compass?

A watch is solely focused on accuracy. It has only one concern:  keep things running. However, a compass serves as a faithful, reliable guide to ensure no matter where you’ve been, you will arrive at your desired destination – a successful, God honoring business.

To move towards adopting “compass” mentality in business leadership, there are two crucial elements in getting your entire team on-board and moving in the right direction – crafting a defined mission and vision statement for your company.

The Importance of Writing a Mission and Vision Statement
While a company may not technically “need” a mission and vision statement to experience success, there’s no denying they help create culture, unity, purpose, and direction within your company. One of the most important things you can do as a leader is define your company’s mission and vision, and then follow it.

Staying on Mission
Before you can craft a solid mission statement, you need to have a strong  understanding of what it is exactly you are trying to achieve. Mission statements are purpose statements. They capture the organization’s purpose or fundamental reason for existing (i.e., the “why?”), stated in a way that resonates with both employees, vendors, and customers. This acts as the glue uniting an organization as it weathers the complexities of growth opportunities, diversification, and changing economic climates.

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What’s Your Vision?
As the leader of the company, a vision statement communicates where you hope your company will be in the future and what you as the leader believe it should be doing by that time. A strong vision statement takes hold of the idea of beginning with the end in mind, serving as inspiration that will evoke passion and motivation within the hearts and minds of your team.

When your entire organization, at all levels, understands their role in achieving the mission and vision, the company reaps the benefits of stronger development strategies, plans, and collaboration.

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You Don’t Have to Do This On Your Own
C12 Members hold each other accountable to fulfill their company mission and vision while receiving biblical counsel on everyday issues. Learn more about C12 Peer Advisory Groups across the United States, and adopt the formula for writing an effective mission and vision statement by downloading our free e-book.

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