30 Questions on Stewardship (Part 2 of 3)

January 17, 2018

C12 Group | Christianity & Business, Servant Leadership

Hopefully you have processed the first 10 questions we shared HERE as part of an excerpt from a Journey of Generosity experience in 2017.

Let’s consider the next set of 10 questions:

  • If the Bible commands us to bear one another’s burdens in Christian community, are there opportunities within my community that God might be calling me to bear? Do I assume that this isn’t my role because of my culture, or am I looking for such opportunities? Is Christ’s undying love my true treasure, or do I treasure other things more?
  • Has having more money caused me to feel more in control of my life and circumstances, and has that control become an idol for me? Is Christ inviting me to a new level of surrender where I trust Him with control of my life and future instead of trusting my money for that control? How can I step into this practically?
  • If an outsider were to look at how I use my time, energy, and resources, what would they learn about my priorities? Would that outsider see my time, energy, and resources being put primarily towards a hope and vision of renewal for our city and world?
  • Do I live as if I’m focusing on heaven, where I plan to live forever, or on earth, where I’ll live one-billionth of my existence? In light of eternity, am I happy about where I’m placing my focus?
  • If it is the nearness of God that I ultimately seek, what if I dared to pray, “Bring anything into my life – take anything away from my life as long as I get to be closer to you.’? What scares me about that prayer? What excites me about that prayer?
  • Have you raised me up, God, with the financial assets and opportunities You’ve entrusted to me, for just such a time as this (Esther 4:14)? Have You called me to join in a great team of Your children in freeing up money and possessions to reach out to the needy and fulfill the Great Commission?
  • What am I holding onto that’s robbing me of present joy and future reward? What am I keeping that’s preventing me from having to depend on You? What am I clinging to that makes me feel like I don’t have to depend on You to provide like I used to before I had so much? What do You want me to release that could restore me to a walk of faith?
  • In light of 2 Corinthians 8:14 and 9:11, do you want me to assume that each financial blessing You entrust to me is not intended to raise my standard of living, but to raise my standard of giving?
  • Am I treating You as owner and CEO/CFO of “my” assets, or am I treating You merely as my financial consultant, whom I pay a fee (10% or greater perhaps)?
  • Once they’ve finished college or are working on their own, would inheriting wealth (beyond items of special sentimental and heritage value) help my children’s eternal perspective and walk with God? Or would it have a corrupting influence on their character, lifestyle, work either or marriage?

These can be dangerous questions. When C12 Peer Advisory Groups gather around the country, we hope that we would ask questions that are dangerous and hold each other accountable.