Acting as Salt & Light: How Can We Shine for God?

C12Group-24.jpgJesus said we are “the salt of the earth” and “the light of the world.” Salt is a powerful metaphor considering its preservative properties, but it must remain pure to do its job. On the other hand, light penetrates darkness. To know the truth and fail to stand for it, Jesus says, is as senseless as lighting a lamp and putting it under a basket.

The presence of Christians in the world is like a light in the darkness in the sense that our good deeds must be evident for all to see. As Christian business leaders, we are not called to simply live out our faith behind the closed doors of our homes and churches. Christians, living under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, are entrusted to influence the world for good, acting as peacemakers and ministers of Christ.

How about you? How big is your vision? God has entrusted you to be a steward of His business. As “the light of the world,” how can you (and those you lead) live out your faith in ways that transform your business and the communities you serve? What kind of culture are you working to build and sustain? Who will you shine your light on tomorrow?

Jesus says that we are to let our lights shine before men in such a way that they will see our good works and glorify God (Matthew 5:16). Prayerfully consider these ways to reveal the light through those you lead, your community, and your spheres of influence:

  • Serve your customers and employees with excellence
  • Express and honor God in and through your business and the community
  • Receive guidance from the Bible for God’s principles to create, expand, and maintain your business
  • View your work as both worship and ministry
  • Manage your assets with diligence
  • Groom employees and team members to be their best
  • Respond in kindness to competitors
  • Give back to the community and those in need
  • Put Christ before your success and profits  
  • Treat your leadership role as an honor and privilege

This is just a small sampling of ways to live out your faith as “the light of the world.” The marketplace provides rich opportunities to demonstrate the difference that having Christ in our lives makes. When we act in ways that are consistent with Him, His teachings, and His ways, our light will shine for all to see. It will be noticed and the Kingdom of God will be expressed.

Casting Your Light

As a leader in your business, your actions are noticed, and they speak volumes about you as a Christian. If you are called to run a business for Christ, constantly seek ways to shine His light. He has given us a resource — his Living Word — to guide our actions and light the way as we work to develop God-honoring businesses. Joining a C12 Group is one way to discover ways you can live out your faith in and through the workplace. With focused monthly meetings and trusted peer advisors, you’ll discover the benefits of working on your business, rather than just in it.