30 Questions on Stewardship (Part 3 of 3)

If you’ve been tracking with the FIRST and SECOND installments of this three part journey, then you are ready to review the last 10 questions! These are the kinds of questions we live out the tension of regularly as peers in C12 Groups around the world. But these are questions every believer needs to wrestle with and I hope these final 10 will deliver fruitful conversations for you with God, your spouse, your family, your business peers, and community!

  • Would You (God) ever say to me, when I stand before your judgment seat (Bema Story), “You blew it – you sold those shares and gave them to feed the hungry and evangelize the lost, and then two years later the market peaked’? Or would God say, “Well done, my good and faithful servant’?
  • Is it ever wrong to give to God now rather than wait until later? What’s the eternal downside of giving now? What’s the eternal downside of delaying giving until later? Am I really in danger of giving too much too soon? Or is the only real danger giving too little too late? “But if I give away most of my assets now, what will I give from later?” Is the answer “from whatever God chooses to provide?” If Christ commended the poor widow (Mark 12) for giving to God everything she had – considering her faithful, not irresponsible – how much would I Have to give away before He would consider me irresponsible?
  • Why do I want to hold on to my wealth? Am I trying to prove something? What and to whom? Is it pride? Power? Prestige? Selfishness? Insecurity? Fear? Am I a control freak? Or is it just because it’s normal and I’m going with the flow of my culture? Do you want me to go with that flow, God? Or to do something different, maybe radically different?
  • Am I living to hear others say of me, “he/she’s a great success” or to have God say of me, “Well done my good and faithful servant?”
  • Instead of asking “Why should I give this away?” does God want me to ask “Why shouldn’t I give this away?” Should I put the burden of proof on keeping rather than on giving? When money comes in, should giving rather than keeping be my default, the rule not the exception? Unless there’s a compelling reason to keep, should I normally give? (Why give? the answer, Biblically, couldn’t be more obvious. Why keep? When we already have so much, that’s what demands an explanation.)

Should I put the burden of proof on keeping rather than on giving?

  • Am I hanging onto excess money as a backup plan in case God fails me? Is my fear of health catastrophes and old age creating an inertia in my giving, because I imagine I must provide everything for myself in case something goes wrong? Considering that the vast majority of people in history and most in the world today have nothing stored up for retirement, am I too preoccupied with putting treasures in retirement funds? Are you calling me to work without a net -or with less of a net – trusting you’ll catch me in case of a fall?
  • How can I better communicate with and pray with my spouse so we can walk together down this exhilarating road of giving, leading each other but not leaving each other behind?
  • What am I doing to train my children to be generous givers – and not just donors, but disciples?
  • How are you calling me to steward my influence to share this message with my friends? Who could benefit from these questions?
  • 5 minutes after I die, what will I wish I would have given away while I still had the chance? Help me spend the rest of my life closing the gap between what I’ll wish I’d given then and what I’m actually giving now. Empower me to help others do the same. Will you, God, for your eternal glory?

These are not easy questions. You have to wrestle with your answer to them. What changes do these provoke in your thinking? Will that translate to action? Who will hold you accountable for those and journey with you?

*these questions are a compilation of ones authored originally by Randy Alcorn and Tim Keller