Urgent Call For Prayer As Today’s Historic US Supreme Court Hearing Begins! 3-25-14

The U.S. Supreme Court is hearing oral arguments in the Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood Specialty cases against the HHS mandates related to the implementation of Obamacare, we ask you to join us in prayer and fasting before our Lord.  

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Our prayer is for being spared the trials and unconscionable choices currently mandated by an administration bent on eliminating freedom of religious expression in the marketplace.  Please pray that the justices would clearly see the unconstitutional infringement of our free expression of religion that this represents for Christian CEOs and family-controlled businesses across America. Pray that they would be moved by the sincere case being made by those living under the Lordship of Christ so that we are permitted to continue to cast godly vision and Biblical values through our leadership and that our religious liberty not be trampled by a federal government agenda that asks us to dishonor God.

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In addition to mandating that all insurance plans offer abortion-inducing drugs, sterilization, secular family planning, and contraception, HHS has just recently added same-sex spousal benefits to the list (in all cases where spousal healthcare benefits are offered).  This objectionable list of features is sure to grow in the months ahead if the Court does not overturn the government's mandates that  carry substantial annual fines for companies who fail to comply.   

As clarified in the attached article, these mandates -- if allowed to stand -- would amount to an unfair punitive business tax on people of Biblical faith.  True servant leaders are among the highest-performing, most productive, and resilient employers across the American landscape.  To been unfairly singled out due to our firmly-held religious beliefs would be unprecedented in the American experience and counter to the intention of the Founders of this "shining city on a hill."   

Please join us in prayer as we approach our Lord's throne humbly and with the best and highest regard for those we serve in His name through business.       


Don Barefoot, AfC          Buck Jacobs, AfC

President & CEO           Founder & Chairman

We must keep in mind that Jesus' path to glory was marked by pain before pleasure, sorrow before joy, humiliation before glorification, persecution before exaltation, death before resurrection, earthly hatred before heavenly worship. We are His servants, not He ours. He has called us to live lives of loving service and worship, not godlike supremacy. He blesses us, but not always materially.
- John MacArthur