Recent Press Releases


C12 Announces Expansion to Delaware/South Jersey

C12 Announces Expansion to San Francisco East Bay Region

C12 Announces Expansion to Colorado Front Range North

C12 Announces Expansion to West Virginia

C12's Founder Featured Speaker at Marketplace Leaders Event

Don Barefoot featured on Mike Gallagher Radio Broadcast and Website

C12 Area Chair Announced for Central Alabama

C12's Founder Speaks at 3rd Annual Conference for Christian Business Ethics

C12 Launches in Texas Hill Country

C12's Founder Speaks at PA's Evangelical Seminary

Awards presented at Spring Chair Workshop

C12 Group to Host Outstanding Business Seminars across the U.S.

Don Barefoot featured on Called2Action Today radio broadcast

C12 Announces Expansion in East Carolina Region

C12 Group to Host Outstanding Business Seminars Across the U.S.

C12 Celebrating 20 Years and 6 New Locations

C12 Launching in Houston

C12 Announces New Partnership with Peacemaker Ministries

C12 Launching in Northern Virginia


C12 Tampa Bay Group “Night of Celebration”

C12 Announces 20 Years of Business Impact and Influence

C12 Announces Expansion in Eastern North Carolina

C12 Announces Expansion into Central Arkansas

C12 Leaders Conference features 19 Speakers & Topics

C12 Expanding into Central California

C12 Announces Expansion into Maryland, DC Metro

Announcing 2011 Leaders Conference in Orlando, FL

Woman CEO North Georgia Member receives Award

C12 Expanding into Houston

C12 Workshop in Dallas

Three C12 Chairs receive 10-Year Service Milestone

C12 Chair receives Member Loyalty of the Year award

C12 Chair receives Chair of the Year award 

C12 Chair receives Best Development Follow-Through award

C12 Chair receives Rookie of the Year award

Three C12 Chairs receive 5-Year Service Milestone

2011 C12 Leaders Conference to be held in Orlando, FL

C12 Expanding into Kansas City

Mid-Atlantic Chairs Receive Innovation Award

C12 Expands in Portland, OR

Cary (NC) Creating a Self-Managed Organization business seminar

Three C12 Chairs receive 5-Year Service Milestone


C12 Announces CEO Roundtable Groups for Women in Metro Atlanta

C12 Announces Expansion in Central Alabama

If you are to have peace with God, there must be war with Satan... I hear poor souls crying, ‘I do believe, but I do not enjoy peace.’ I think I can tell you how it is. You make a mistake as to what this peace is. You say, ‘I am so dreadfully tempted. Sometimes I am drawn this way and sometimes the other, and the devil never lets me alone.’ Did you ever read in the Bible that you were to have peace with the devil? Look at the text: ‘Being justified by faith, we have peace with God.’ - Charles Spurgeon