Is Project Management Important?

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C12 Group: No matter what your business, an enormous portion of the activity involves project management.

Does “a man reap what he sows”? Gal 6:7

Think your organization doesn't do project management?

Well, think again.

No matter what your business, an enormous portion of the activity involves project management.

Whether you're adding solar panels to your home office building or rolling out a new product line of pressure sensitive adhesives, project management (and how well you do it) plays a big part in determining your organization's long-term health, performance and success.

For Christian CEOs and business owners, projects are a key area where you can reflect excellence in serving, stewardship, communication, and delegated decision-making.

At C12, we offer a quick "how to" for you to assess your project management prowess and what you can do to get moving in the right direction.

First, think about your business and the work you do. Activities like quotes, proposals, expansion, installations, distribution, events, marketing campaigns, inventory, maintenance - all of these are smaller projects when taken as a whole, can make up your entire business.

How are you equipping your team leaders? ("Where there is no vision, the people perish." Proverbs 29:18)

Have you provided your team leaders with information on your expected project management protocol?

As a leader, do you set the example by following the protocol in the projects you're personally managing?

If you haven't yet developed a project protocol for your company, consider spending time developing tools that foster a common team understanding.

 The three key areas your protocol should address are:

1. Project charter (scope, deliverables, case, team roles)

2. Change management (process for revisions, scope, timing, etc.)

3. Team processes and protocols (how we keep the process flowing throughout the project)

This approach promises a breakthrough even for smaller firms managing a handful of concurrent projects and needing to deploy resources and manage performance without the CEO taking the lead on every project.

There are lots of tools and charts to help you and your team effectively manage projects - and get the job done on time and within budget. Here are a few sites that offer great tools to help you:

Keep in mind that your project management prowess can be a big advantage in attracting the best and most demanding customers. That's because they see you as a winning project partner, whose project discipline only makes them better.

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