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Listen to this special Family Life radio interview with the founder of The C12 Group, Buck Jacobs and C12's National President, Don Barefoot.

Buck Jacobs talks about his life of excess and living by his own rules before giving his life to Christ.

Don Barefoot tells how exciting it is to see businessmen bringing God's Kingdom into the marketplace.

Please download and share with all willing to listen and learn about Christian CEOs & Owners Building GREAT BUSINESSES FOR A GREATER PURPOSE!



The C12 Story

with: Buck Jacobs and Don Barefoot

Success doesn't always deliver what it promises. Buck Jacobs, founder of

The C12 Group - a Christian leadership development organization, talks about his life

as a financially successful, yet spiritually and emotionally miserable businessman before

giving his life to Christ. Don Barefoot, president of C12, describes the excitement of seeing

businessmen become kingdom focused.


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