At C12, our passion is helping you to lead a thriving, profitable Christian company. This practical focus is combined with our unashamed commitment to a Biblical perspective through like-minded peer counsel and accountability. Given that your vocational calling utilizes most of your waking hours, how you conduct business defines much of who you are and your impact on others around you!  As a Christian Business Owner, CEO or President, do you ever find yourself...

  • Torn between the pressures of daily business and your Christian faith?

  • Sensing a 'shift' in your focus and behavior on Monday vs. Sunday, echoing our culture's artificial secular/sacred divide?

  • Desiring a truly objective advisory board comprised of talented and trustworthy advisors who fully understand the unique challenges you face?

  • Needing an expert source of 'on target' value-added ideas tailored precisely to your role and responsibilities?

  • Lacking accountability to help you stay focused on the important things, not just the urgent ones?

  • Hoping to serve the Lord as His ambassador to your unique mission field, faithfully reflecting the gifts and opportunities He has provided, while seeking eternal significance/fruitfulness?

  • Desiring real balance and peace in your life, reflecting Biblical priorities?

If these issues resonate with you, please contact us now to learn more about what C12 membership has to offer.

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Serious about business as ministry...

  • Don Barefoot, CEO of The C12 Group

    The C12 Group is not about networking. It's not another business-centric Bible study. It's not a para-church outreach. It's an objective advisory board for real time brainstorming and decision making...

  • Your Trusted Peer Board

    Benefit from the wisdom and insight of your trusted C12 "peer board" as they help keep you focused and accountable to the principles and core values that guide your life.

  • Structured Business Curriculum

    Monthly, C12 members discuss best-practice business topics through a Bible-centered lens. This hard-hitting, real-world content is integral to the C12 lifelong learning experience.

  • One-on-one Consultations

    In addition to the monthly group meetings, each member meets one-on-one with their C12 Area Chair for personalized time to press into specific issues in life and business.

Lawyers are those people hire to protect them from lawyers. - Elbert Hubbard